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4th Competition Announcement

We announce today our 4th International Composition Competition of Electronic Music “Iannis Xenakis”!

Our 4th competition comes after the successful organisation of our last one, which was completed in September with the presentation of the winning pieces along with compositions of the jury members and Xenakis in 4 spectacular concerts featuring M&R Acousmonium from Belgium.

For the 4th edition of our competition we have again an excellent jury chaired this time by Jonty Harrison. We are looking forward to receive again works of high artistic quality and to perform them in our future concerts!

We wish to all of the electroacoustic community having a safe and creative year! 

Dimitris Maronidis
Director of the Competition

3rd Iannis Xenakis Competition Submissions

We would like to inform you that for our Third International Iannis Xenakis Competition we have received 224 compositions from 40 countries! It has been a challenging year and we hope that when our awards-concert will take place in Autumn all this nightmare will be over. We would like to thank all of the composers who have participated in this celebration of modern music. We are planning to organize special events dedicated to Iannis Xenakis so, please, stay tuned with us! We wish all of you a happy, creative, and safe new year!

Announcing the Third Competition Iannis Xenakis

In a grey, devastating mood, we announce today our Third International Competition of Electronic Music “Iannis Xenakis”. Unfortunately, our announcement is coming amidst the world-wide, life-threatening pandemic of COVID-19 virus. Since in all world, very austere measures and lock-downs are taking place, maybe it’s a good time for staying at home, contemplating, and being creative while protecting the sensitive groups of people around.

This competition is a very special one since it coincides with the 20 years’ commemoration of Xenakis. We are proud of having with us an excellent jury consisting of highly acclaimed composers and chaired by a legendary figure in electroacoustic music: Annette Vande Gorne.

We wish all of the electroacoustic community, and everybody out there, staying safe and we are looking forward to receiving exciting new works!

Dimitris Maronidis
Director of the Competition

2nd Xenakis Competition Concerts 5th October 2019

On 5th of October 2019 two electronics music concerts will take place at TSSO Concert Hall “Solon Michailides” at Nikis Avenue 73, Paralia Thessaloniki.

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CONCERT #1 – 18:00
The first concert features compositions by Iannis Xenakis and the Jury of the 2nd international electronic music competition Iannis Xenakis. (Trevor Wishart, Ludger Brümmer, Oliver Carman, Panayiotis Kokoras, Joao Pedro Oliveira)

CONCERT #2 – 20:30
In the evening, the winning compositions of the competition will be presented.

Damian Gorandi (Argentina) – So…is coming…
Madore Xavier (Canada) – Les loges de la suite
Dimitrios Savva (Cyprus) – Moments Of Liberty II Falling Within
James O’Callaghan (Canada) – If (and only if) I am among
Apostolos Loufopoulos (Greece) – Demons And Fairies
Robert Seaback (United States) – in surge

The chair of the jury Trevor Wishart, a legendary figure in the field of electronic music will be with us and diffuse his own piece!
See you all there. It’s going to be an exciting day!

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2nd Xenakis Competition News

We would like to inform you that due to the large number of submitted compositions, many of which are in multi-channel format, the results of our second competition will be announced by the end of April. We apologize for this delay and we hope you understand that the jury is having to do an incredibly demanding job!

We have also decided to reschedule the concerts for the following autumn in order to give space for the composers who will want to attend the event, to arrange their travel. Stay tuned!

2nd Iannis Xenakis Competition Submissions

Contemporary Music Lab wishes all of you a very happy and creative new year. We would like to inform you that for our Second International Iannis Xenakis Competition we have received 241 compositions from 41 countries! The artistic and technical level of the submitted pieces is outstanding and the jury is having a really hard reviewing work ahead! We are going to organize special events dedicated to Iannis Xenakis in the following autumn so, please, stay tuned with us!

Announcing the Second International Competition

In an attempt to encourage the creation and diffusion of new electroacoustic works and in order to pay tribute to Iannis Xenakis, a pillar figure in the field of electronic music, Contemporary Music Lab at Aristotle University is organizing the Second International Electroacoustic Composition Competition IANNIS XENAKIS.

Our second competition comes after the successful organization of our first competition two years ago. We did receive 270 pieces from all around the world and we had the honor to present two concerts featuring works of Xenakis, Dennis Smalley (chair of the jury) as well as pieces from other jury members and the winning composers.

This year he will have an excellent jury chaired by Trevor Wishart. We hope we will get again works of very high artistic level and we are looking forward to perform them in our future concerts.

Dimitris Maronidis
Artistic Director