Announcing the Third Competition Iannis Xenakis

In a grey, devastating mood, we announce today our Third International Competition of Electronic Music “Iannis Xenakis”. Unfortunately, our announcement is coming amidst the world-wide, life-threatening pandemic of COVID-19 virus. Since in all world, very austere measures and lock-downs are taking place, maybe it’s a good time for staying at home, contemplating, and being creative while protecting the sensitive groups of people around.

This competition is a very special one since it coincides with the 20 years’ commemoration of Xenakis. We are proud of having with us an excellent jury consisting of highly acclaimed composers and chaired by a legendary figure in electroacoustic music: Annette Vande Gorne.

We wish all of the electroacoustic community, and everybody out there, staying safe and we are looking forward to receiving exciting new works!

Dimitris Maronidis
Director of the Competition